Welcome to AdCat 2002

AdCat 2002 has been designed to be a comprehensive online advertising management solution for web site owners and operators.  Please send e-mail to AdCat@Incipio.WS if you have any problems with the system.

Below you will see an advertisement banner being served by AdCat 2002. 

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Buyer Services International
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AdCat 2002 enables web site owner/operators to take complete control of the online advertising conducted through their web site.  This is accomplished through the Site Operator's Console.  To access this console,
click here.

Once an advertiser account has been created through the Site Operator's Console, the advertiser will be given access to the Advertiser Service Center where he/she can access reports and check on the progress of their online advertising initiatives.  Click here to login to the Advertiser Service Center.

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